How to apply and prepare for the Guitar Level 1 Unit.

Joseph Pecoraro   

Short-Term, Unit One Teacher Development Course in Guitar (A.K.A.- Book 1 training)



Sounds interesting-What do I do?


1.– Apply to take the required 1-day pre-requisite course ‘Every Child Can’ at one of numerous locations:  This course will be offered at Silicon Valley Guitar School on Saturday, June 2 with instructor Leah Brammer if there are participants who need to take it.  There is no audition requirement to take this course.  The course must be completed and registered before taking the Book 1 Guitar Training.

2.– Complete and submit the application and required audition video online to the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA).  This is best done at least 8 weeks before the start of the Book 1 course- as it is possible to re-submit this video if it is not approved.  The course cannot be registered with the SAA without an approved video audition.

3.– Contact Workshop Director Rob Watson at the Silicon Valley Guitar School to register:  Phone: 408-720-1677


Please note that you will be working with two separate entities- the Book 1 presenter and the SAA.  The SAA itself does not offer the courses - it is the body that registers the courses and approves the video audition. Information on SAA approved Suzuki Teacher programs and offerings general can be found at:

4.– Make arrangements to attend the Unit One Workshop.  Feel free to write the director or instructor with any specific questions about the courses.

5.– Prepare for the course by learning the material in the Suzuki Guitar School, Vol. 1 solo part and accompaniments thoroughly.  Memorization of the solo selection material is strongly encouraged as it will facilitate easy discussion and group participation.  Also read the book Nurtured By Love, by Shinichi Suzuki.  This short, easy reading work embodies the essence of Suzuki’s philosophy.




Suzuki Association of the Americas page links:


About the Suzuki Method:


General description of the Teacher Training program in the Suzuki Method — its purpose and procedure:


Audition requirements and application page from Suzuki Association of the Americas:


Note: The Suzuki Association of the Americas requires submission of a video audition in order to be approved to register the Book 1 course.   This needs to be done in advance of the start of the course.  Required selections for the video come from the Suzuki Guitar School Book, volume 4 and are as follows;  Guitar: Mozart Bourree; R. Vidali La Folia Variations





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