Unit 1 Training Course Description

Short-Term, Unit One Teacher Development Course in Guitar (A.K.A.- Book 1 training)  Next Page



Working with young children and parents, and teaching in general, involves skills and understanding that most guitarists do not develop in the course of their musical study.  People are not born ‘natural teachers’ or even ‘good with kids’.  These qualities arise from the awareness and strategies gained through good training and experience–they can be learned!  Starting young children on the guitar can be frustrating and discouraging -- or, it can be a joy.  The difference lies in the teacher’s preparedness and the tools at their disposal.  The Suzuki method works!-when it is thoroughly understood and skillfully implemented.



Book 1 Course Objectives:  By the end of the 28-hour course teachers will:

     Have a thorough understanding of Suzuki Philosophy and Methodology- well beyond expectation for the                                 introductory ECC course- and be able to confidently communicate Suzuki method principles to parents.

     Command basic guitar pedagogy concepts and the underlying principles behind book 1 activities and repertoire.

     Acquire detailed models for structuring, promoting, and nurturing a Suzuki guitar program.

     Posses a wide range of activities and organizational structures for accomplishing their pedagogical goals,                              including a detailed 100 + page resource book with full-prose material to reference in future years.

     Be confidently ready to recruit and instruct students using this method.



Major topic in the book 1 curriculum include:


General Pedagogy Topics: Why teach guitar? What is the role of the Arts in our society? What specifics make for effective teaching? What is the role of a guitar teacher? What are the attributes of a happy & successful teacher?

Suzuki Method Basics: What are major elements of the Suzuki Philosophy and Method?  Why begin children young?  How to work with children for most effective learning.

Spreading The Word: How to generate and manage the first contacts with prospective parents-including model introductory literature and promotion strategies.

Parent Training: How to teach parents to understand and feel motivated to create the Suzuki home environment, including model parent training course structure and extensive parent-directed materials.

How to Begin: Detailed materials on creating motivation, instruments, sizing charts, seating & positioning, early activities and a sample pre-book musical sequence

Developing Ability: Specific teaching points and activities for book 1 repertoire- including lesson and group class plans, problem-solving strategies and technical, expressive and performance development goals.

Envisioning Your Program: Topics on recruiting for & structuring your studio- including student retention, fees, policies, facilities, scheduling as well as soliciting and teaching for established schools.



The community of Suzuki guitar teachers continues to grow - and there is a need for SAA trained teachers in every location.  This course is the first step in unlocking a world of possibilities for sharing your love of the guitar with a receptive clientele with the potential for developing tremendous ability.


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